Local wisdom or what we call (local wisdom) as a conditioning space and a good way out in our interaction, argumentation, criticizing and debating.
Without us realizing that this struggle will arise automatically if the pattern of mindfulness / intellectuality, patterns of ethical awareness / morality and patterns of awareness of faith / spirituality do not unite to create its own scope, namely local wisdom.
Indeed, there is often a struggle that is not found to be a point of insignificance and continues to be a polemic and discourse that is not satisfying.
Criticize at will without realizing the true meaning of criticism.
What’s more without giving a solution to the point of view of the existence of problems as well as existing articulations.
The important thing is “you are wrong !!”
Moreover, this problem is in the public domain!
What emerges is what is called public opinion, herded to and fro like a wild ball without direction and ambiguity.
Now all this is because the awareness of the values of the existence of local wisdom is poorly understood.
Forever will remain like this, if we do not want to change attitudes, behavior, mental temperament and character.
In God’s law, all of this has been answered clearly.
Through a very soothing and peaceful pastoral visit.
Be like a clever and sincere snake like a dove. “As a basis for our lives.


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