Truth is a power that is second to none, but the truth that has been contaminated with political power is not a true truth. Religion is a source of inspiration from the truth if we want to place religion in the midst of life vertically and horizontally.
But what happened was that religion became a tool of political power which was very abiguous. This is where the truth is increasingly doubtful and the weaker the influence. Now what happens is religion becomes a symbol of routine and tradition. There are no implicit meanings and values of transcendence.
But should religion not be used as a tool of political power, but rather become political power for its own purpose, namely the glory of God and a just and prosperous society? Certainly theoretically a very good goal. This is where the truth by itself will place itself in the hearts of its leaders and society. The country will be safe, peaceful and happy. There is no longer the majority and minority “sopo siro sopo ingsun” saying. Live in true togetherness.


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